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Create your website, generate persuasive texts in seconds, boost your relationship with your audience through Whatsapp, Instagram, email, SMS, and integrate with the best platforms in the market with Leadlovers!

Write persuasive texts in seconds with Leadlovers' Magic Content.

Describe details about your product or service, choose the way you want to communicate, click on "Generate Content", and voila! The copy is created in seconds for you to customize and make it fit your brand's image!

Page Builder

Make Artificial Intelligence your ally and create copies in record time;

E-mail Marketing

Write texts for emails, powerful titles, and unlimited Whatsapp messages;

WhatsApp Automation

Never suffer from creative blocks again: Magic Content is here to be your personal copy assistant!

Chatbot Builder

Accelerate the production of persuasive content even without being a professional Copywriter.

Our services

More than 83,000 customers from Brazil and around the world have already used Leadlovers.

Easy to use

Leadlovers was created to help ordinary people who aren't familiar with programming to implement digital marketing strategies with the best cost-benefit ratio.

Various Models and Templates

Ready-to-use models of pages, emails, sales funnels, conversion pop-ups for your business.

Personalized service

Our service is provided by digital marketing experts knowledgeable about the tool, from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday to Friday, and from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday.

Digital Marketing all in one place

Grow your business with Leadlovers. We offer up to 65 features without the need to use multiple paid tools and platforms. Complete digital automation is at Leadlovers.

All digital marketing tools for companies and businesses in one place.

Page Builder

Professional pages in minutes

E-mail Marketing

Your emails in the inbox

WhatsApp Automation

Create personalized WhatsApp sequences

Chatbot Builder

Turn your website visitors into leads

Leadlovers + you = A partnership of millions and successful results!

Leadlovers is a complete automation tool for Email Marketing, WhatsApp, Instagram, page builder, autoresponder, CRM, and membership area.

Absolutely! We can become even more comprehensive with your partnership!

Certainly! Here are some benefits that Leadlovers partners enjoy:

  • Up to 20% commission on recurring sales and access to exclusive benefits.;
  • Access to advanced marketing automation tools and resources;
  • Opportunity to implement comprehensive marketing solutions;
  • Opportunities for business growth and development;

Become a partner agency or affiliate of Leadlovers in 2023.

Perfect for your business

We take care of each client with dedication so that together we can achieve the best result.

Our tools.

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Achieve up to 100% visibility for your offers with Official WhatsApp integration.

Achieve up to 100% visibility for your offers with Official WhatsApp integration.

  • Achieve over 90% visibility for your messages and offers!
  • Automate sales, marketing, and post-sales communication flows
  • Intelligently capture contacts with automatic segmentation
  • Automatically forward videos, photos, contacts, and location.
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Page and website builder

Delight your visitors and increase conversions.

  • Use your professional or free domain and get your pages online in a matter of minutes, without needing to hire designers or programmers.
  • Professional page templates already available on the platform for you to use.
  • Real-time visual builder with drag-and-drop technology that makes everything easy and practical.
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E-mail Marketing

Deliver directly to the inbox of the right audience

  • Create your Email Marketing strategy with the most powerful and comprehensive tool in the market.
  • Create email sequences for welcome emails, relationship building, sales, cart recovery, purchase confirmation, and whatever else you may need.
  • Automatically move your prospects between sequences, saving you hours of work through our automations.
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Marketing automation

Automate tasks and drive business growthspan>

  • You'll be able to configure the business rules, and the platform will handle everything for you!
  • Schedule the dates and times for emails, newsletters, SMS, Telegram, and voice messages, and Leadlovers will take care of everything for you.
  • Create sales funnels, automations for your most engaged customers, behavior-based email sequences, and much more!
  • Automations for launches, digital education products, webinars, and much more.
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Profit without time limitations through personalized conversations.

  • Engage with visitors and capture contact lists on any website, converting hundreds of new prospects into customers 24/7.
  • Provide round-the-clock support, allowing your leads or customers to chat with you even when you're offline.
  • Ideal for businesses, freelancers, consultants, service providers, influencers, freelancers, and much more.
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E-learning (EAD) and membership area

Take your knowledge off the paper and turn it into profit.

  • Host courses and engage your students.
  • Make your digital course available in a pleasant and personalized environment with an exclusive student area.
  • Deliver online classes with access on any device (mobile, tablet, and desktop).
  • Automatically send completion certificates to your students and much more.
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Transform followers into leads and extend your strategy beyond Instagram.

Transform followers into leads and extend your strategy beyond Instagram.

  • Turn your Instagram into an automated lead and sales generator!
  • Capture email and phone via direct messages to expand your relationship channels.
  • Apply tags or scores to each engagement action performed by the lead!
  • Eliminate the phrase "check the link in bio": Send promotional links directly through direct messages, without needing to ask your follower to access the bio of your Instagram profile to direct them.
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Get support from marketing automation experts to grow your business.

Whenever you have questions, you can rely on our team of specialized consultants in the Leadlovers platform and digital marketing - via chat, WhatsApp, or email. In addition, we have an online community with thousands of llovers always ready to help. Our customer service hours are Monday to Friday, from 8am to 6pm, and Saturday from 9am to 5pm.

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See how we can help your business

IRegardless of the size of your company, you can utilize resources such as professional landing pages, digital marketing automation through email, chatbot, SMS, WhatsApp, Instagram, and much more!

Professional freelancer

Expand your online presence by creating pages and websites without the need for programming knowledge. Integrate your site with WhatsApp and automate the process of selling products and services. Offer an online scheduling system and cater to new clients. Create a contact CRM and automatically promote your products and services to your customer base.


For companies of all sizes, create professional pages and automate your digital marketing through email, chatbot, SMS, WhatsApp, and Telegram. Utilize basic features such as newsletter sending or advanced features like an intelligent funnel that includes automations based on the interests of your target audience. Convert prospects into customers and foster customer loyalty with Leadlovers' all-in-one digital marketing automation platform.

Curso online - EAD

Create your online course, organize your content into modules and lessons, and customize it with your brand's colors and style. You can easily issue certificates and automatically send access details through our membership area, which also offers automated payments and integration with our email, SMS, WhatsApp, and other automation tools. This way, you can deliver a seamless learning experience while leveraging the power of automation to streamline your course management and communication with your students.

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  • Payment methods
  • CRM
  • Capture forms
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